Dance first, think later.

I am happy to report that we have survived June.  Somehow, June has taken over as the busiest month of the year.  It was all fun, but man oh so busy!  What did we do?  Well, we made it through school and all of the end of school year parties.  We made it through the dance recital, which consisted of 5 shows and about 80 costume changes for the Gentry Girls ( and that number was not exaggerated!)  I had a whole bunch of shoots.  There were a few dinner parties, and then the wedding of my niece -bridal photos will be posted soon!  And to top off the month, I went camping with 34 Young Women from church.  It was all fabulous!  And I am enjoying the calmness of July.  So happy that Summer has finally arrived.  And now to get caught up on all my editing